Our Clients

We listen. We give options. We advise. We help.

Our clients depend on us - to listen to them, to advise them, to give them options when it comes to their natural resource management concerns and problems.

And we exceed their expectations and provide them with solutions each and every time. It's one thing for us to say it - it's better when they do...

"I can't believe I am going to save over 62% on my property taxes. I'm glad I called Fogarty Forestry. I should have done this back when I bought the property eleven years ago." - Gene R., Pittsfield, VT

"The timber harvest went very smooth - we really didn't have to do anything, John took care of all of the paperwork, everything, nothing as far as out-of-pocket expenses for us, either. We had done logging on the property before, and it was a hassle - constantly checking on things, and we never knew if we were getting paid for every load of logs leaving our property... We trust Fogarty Forestry, and they'll manage our property as long as we own it." - Sam R., Wallingford, VT

"The maps looked just beautiful - we had one framed and it's hanging in the camp at the property. Several people have commented on it and wanted to know where they can get one for their property. The quality is fantastic." - Alice D., Johnson, VT

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