Our Services

Fogarty Forestry can provide you with affordable, quality, client-driven solutions to meet your natural resource needs. At Fogarty Forestry, we will listen to your goals for your forest and work with you to meet those goals. Our company is dedicated to understanding your goals, meeting your needs, and helping you to sustain or increase the value of your forest, through sound, proven forest management techniques.

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Forest Management

Forest management does not mean cutting down most or all of your forest - sustainable management and responsible harvesting are the keys to good forestry. Some of our forest management services include:

- Forest management planning, based on your objectives

- Timber inventory, financial analysis, and timber taxation

- Timber sale administration - pre-, during, and post-harvest

- Wildlife habitat management and creation

Geographic Information Systems

Maps are no longer just paper. GIS used in forest management is a powerful tool for displaying past actions, present conditions, and future outcomes. Let us show you what GIS can do for you and your forest or farm.

- GIS Mapping for forest management, wildlife management, timber harvesting, recreational use

- Forest road, trail, and bridge design and construction

- Boundary line maintenance

- Timber trespass investigation

Property Tax Savings

Do you wish there was a way to reduce your property taxes? If you are a forest land or farm land owner, there is! Contact us to find out how you could save up to 90% off of your property taxes.

- Vermont Use Value Appraisal Program (UVA / Current Use) enrollment

- New Hampshire Current Use enrollment

- New York State 480-A enrollment

- Federal cost sharing program enrollment - USDA NRCS TSP Certified

- American Tree Farm System enrollment & Green Certification